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Upcoming Group Distance Healing Sessions

I will periodically schedule a targeted Group Healing Session, by phone/conference call. If there are any upcoming Group Healing Sessions, they are listed below. I typically keep pricing for my group events to under $50 per person. You may also organize a distance group and we'll connect energetically and by phone from my home and heart to each participant's home and heart.

I also offer in-person group healing circles, hosted by businesses and individuals. Group Healing may focus on a common theme (releasing stuck patterns, empowerment, chakra clearing, etc.) or my work in the circle can be based upon the individual's concerns. If you would like to schedule a Group Healing Circle, please contact me via email, my contact page, or phone. Minimum participation for in-person off-site circle will be based upon distance from my home and travel expenses may apply (I am from Wells, Maine). We can always gather in my home with a minimum of 4 participants. Let's have a conversation!

Although this is not private, one-to-one work, it is still extremely powerful and can result in huge shifts if you mindfully participate and cooperate with me. Below are a couple of testimonials from past-group participants. Additional feedback for Group Healing Sessions has been included on the Testimonials page.

"The group healing session over the phone that I had with Kristi brought me to a deep state of relaxation, as well as released some blocks/ opened some energy channels for me. This has allowed my energy to flow more freely. Truly a positive and effective experience. Thank you Kristi." Dr. Jackie D.

"Thank you [the replay of the group session] was really lovely. I felt very warm and fuzzy at parts and am looking forward to seeing what the next few days brings. I am just up but I don't feel my usual feeling of dread this morning, so that's a great sign!" Michele

Upcoming Group Events ...

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Focused Group Distance Kore HealingSM with Kristi ~ "Time for Self & Breast Wellness"

This beautiful Group Tele Session has now been added to my Kore HealingSM offerings!

Do you put everyone before yourself? For many women this is not uncommon. It can also be a root emotional/energetic underpinning of breast cancer. Shift your mind, body, spirit, emotions for your best physical body.

This Kore HealingSM session will offer focused healing on the quantum level (mind-body-spirit). It is wonderful for women who have genetic concerns with their breasts, as well as cysts, lesions, lumps or even breast cancer.

Even those who have had surgery may not have addressed the underlying root emotion or energetic of the dis-ease; so even if you have already undergone mastectomy surgery, this session can assist in your healing!

I am an empowerment healer! I can get you on the right track to not always putting others first. I have worked successfully with a number of women with breast cancer, reducing their treatment period. I have wanted to offer this group for a while. The message has come through strongly that this is the right time to offer this powerful healing.

Although others will be on this call, will have anonymity (except to me). I will also include those individuals who have either purchased the delayed listen or will be purchasing this from my Kore HealingSM catalog. I will connect into your energy and with your Higher Self to (1) identify possible root beliefs manifesting as breast problems, (2) release denser energies, emotions, or blocks from this area and the heart chakra and (3) work on releasing any patterns of neglecting self or consistently putting others before oneself.

I am guided by my "knowing", messages from Higher Realms and clients' Higher Selves. This is love-filled intuitive energy healing to release the underlying roots of the physical symptoms, restore the body's natural healing powers, and/or help you be more loving, honoring and nurturing in and of yourself.

The call will be recorded, so if you are not able to participate in "real time" you can elect to add-on a "listen later" option (not a 2nd listen). My healing gifts transcend both time and space ... distance healing works and my audios are effective if you engage with me as if we are live on a call. About a week after this call, the audio will be added to my Kore HealingSM catalog with an option for unlimited interactions with this healing session.

I AM offering this powerful one-hour healing at $45 per person. In order to have your unique concerns / patterns / healing addressed in my prep, kindly register soon.

Engage with this Breast Wellness and Time for Nurturing SELF On Demand

"New Energies ~ Releasing Fear/Stress and Connecting with Joy" ~ Focused Group Distance Kore HealingSM with Kristi
Available ON DEMAND for you 24/7

We can all be affected by "stories" of self-limitation, pain, trauma, fear etc. There is so much negativity in our news and social media, right now. I will help you disengage from this negative energy and connect more fully with Inner Preace. This Group Healing Circle facilitates letting go of the "junk in the trunk", "backpack" of burdens and influences from the outside world.

You will emerge from this distance session lighter, more fully connected to your True Self. From this space it is easier to find more joy and wellness. Imagine going forward with your heart more fully opened to love and peace!

This recorded session is offered from my heart and home to yours. It's a very powerful session that I believe every human being can benefit from!

You decide when to have this session; my work transcends time and space, so it's okay that it's not currently 11/11. As long as you engage with me as if the call were live (no distractions, focus and privacy for you) these replays are just as powerful if not more so. Your intention to heal and release is critical.

Imagine releasing the weight of heavy or stuffed emotions, energetic blocks and self-limiting beliefs. Leave the KoreSM with chakras more open and feeling energetically lighter. $49.50 per person. Mp3 purchase also available.

Inner Peace Activations ~ Releasing Negativity

Review and Engage with Past Chakra Activations and Group Clearings in my Kore HealingSM with Kristi Catalog
Available ON DEMAND for you 24/7

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Testimonials and add'l information may be read in Kore HealingSM with Kristi landing and individual Group Distance session pages for root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat chakras and other targeted heaings.

Several Group Healing Opportunities with specific, targeted focuses are available in the Kore Healingsm with Kristi section of my site.

Crown Chakra ~ Divine Alchemy & Bliss

Third Eye Chakra ~ Inner Vision (Clarity, Guidance)

Throat Chakra ~ Words of Truth Spoken w Love

Heart Chakra ~ Healing Your Heart (Lungs, Chest, Releasing Mistakes, Self Love)

Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Self Care & Personal Power (Stomach, Digestion, Self Sabotag)

Sacral Chakra ~ Creative & Sensual Expression (Reproduction, Sensuality, Creativity)

Root Chakra ~ Foundation of Love (Hips, Security, Self Value, Root Chakra)

Shouldering Responsibilities with Ease & Grace ~ (Special Mini Session ~ Releasing Shoulder & Jaw Tension)

Disclaimer: Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst should never be used to solely diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or psychological disorder and is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment. Kristi is not a doctor, therapist, or chiropractor. Kristi is a legally ordained Minister & Reiki Master, certified in physio/spiritual massage and with the ability to metaphysically help mind/body/spirit regain center and balance. The "healing resonance" and "energy work" she offers assists your body's Divine Healing Intelligence. Client testimonials conveyed verbally or on the web site do not constitute a warranty, guarantee or prediction of the outcome of an individual using Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst. "It is likely that in your session, things blocking natural healing and/or well being will rise to the surface for us to address together. This is a team effort and YOU are a key player!" Rev Kristi Borst, RM

Group work is offered for a powerful, yet more affordable way to move forward with your healing. You may find that this type of session clears some items and brings others to your consciousness so you can more effectively release them.

**Due to the immediate energetic connection and nature of my "gift", I will refund your reservation for a group healing event within the first 24 hours after your booking UNLESS you are booking within 24 hours of the actual call. Many times, even by signing up, you will start to receive my healing energy; therefore, I've been moved to post this policy. If you have regret of your sign-up within 24 hours after booking, please leave a voice message and I will process the refunds. No refunds for cancellation received after that period. If you are unable to be on the call but are registered, you will still be included in the circle and will receive the energy healing.

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