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Helping Clients' Pets (or Pets as Clients :) ...

While providing a session to an elderly client, removing her lingering pneumonia symptoms and low energy, she exlaimed "Oh, my I don't believe it!" Since the session was long-distance and I was not in the rooms with her, her fevor startled me. "Is everything okay?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "It's my dog Russell. I've never seen him this calm. Since you've started working on me, he's come and laid down lext to me. He's lying with his front and back paws crossed. It's almost like he's in a meditation or trance." I asked her if I could check in with him.

Connecting energetically, I acknowledged that he liked the space of love and calm that I was holding with his "mom". I "told" him "Russell, you have this space of peace and calm within you. You can come back to this space at any time that you wish."

Emotional help for the high strung or depressed petThe rest of the session with my client was fantastic. I was able to intuitively bring to the surface an emotional wound she had been carrying for 75 years. In fact, I was amazed to see her out socially a couple of days later, as she had been flat on her back at the start of our session.

She reported to me "Russell is like a whole new pet. He's been so calm." I saw her socially again a few weeks later. "Russell is still so calm now ... even my neighbor noticed it! She came over just to comment on how she rarely heard Russell bark anymore. I told her about you and what an amazing energy worker you are."

Some time after this, a friend's little dog "Peanut" got injured. He was on the bed with his "daddy" and "daddy" tried to roll him onto his back so he could tickle Peanut's tummy. Apparently this startled Peanut and he somehow twisted his back in the process. Vets' visits followed. Peanut was in a lot of pain. I saw a post about Peanut being hurt and I called my friend to ask if I could help. She relayed the incident to me.

I checked in with Peanut and got a sense that he thought that "daddy" was mad at him. I asked my friend if her husband had been petting Peanut since the incident. "No, he's upset that he hurt Peanut and he doesn't want to touch him now." I energetically explained this to Peanut, showing him the incident and how "daddy" was wanting to tickle his tummy when he got injured. I conveyed the sense of remorse on Peanut's man's part and showed him that that was why "daddy" was avoiding Peanut.

When I followed up on Peanut, I learned that he had two bulging disks. "I'm not sure that you were able to help his back, but I could tell immediately after your call that he was happier!"

Session will be conducted via telephone connection to you with your pet. The call will be between 20-30 minutes, but will include my work prior to the actual session and followup. Cost is $75 for the session. Prior to your pet's session, I would require an intake form or email answering questions of "reasons for session" and any known physical symptoms:

Dog intake form PDF; Dog intake form Editable Word Doc

Cat intake form PDF; Cat intake form Editable Word Doc

Requested date(s)/time (note time zone) & Pet's Name
$75 for prework, telephone session, follow-up

Is your pet unnecessarily high strung? Seeming depressed? Use the PayPal link above if you'd like me to communicate with your pet and give him/her some loving energy. We can then set up a mutually-agreeable time for a distance telephone session.

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