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Intuitive Medical Healer Portland Maine Energy Healer Kennebunk Maine near Portsmouth NH

Work with Me Privately in Wells, Maine, or via Voice and Energy Healing Connection from My Heart & Home to Yours!

Perspective RebootI have been working with individuals in-person throughout New England as well as those situated throughout the States and Canada plus across the Earth in Great Britain, China, New Zealand, etc. The results and transformations that I have witnessed are incredible, yet I humbly acknowledge that I am serving as a bridge for Divine Healing Powers.

Within the healing relationship, I am able to "speak to", cooperate with and positively affect my clients' mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and even physical bodies. I serve as a receptor, activator and capacitor, processing and transmuting much of that which no longer serves your Highest and Best through my own physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies and passing the remainder on to our Higher Realms of Light and Love for ultimate transformation. My innate abilities harness love-based, high-frequency energy coming from the Universe, Source, God, All that Is, "blank"... you may fill in the "blank" with what you call the source of our BEing.

Integrative "Energy healing" can work wonders where other more methods have failed. Energetic clearing, release and balancing is important for the best functioning of our mind, body, spirit. This healing transcends both space and time, allowing me to work with individuals in my home or from my home/heart to yours. These sessions typically offer an additional dimension of spiritual guidance, identification of karmic patterns, and greater clarity of purpose.


I am happy to work with you toward your highest and best. Where you are physically located, what you have tried before, what other methods may have failed, and/or what others have said is "true" are inconsequential in my view. I can confidently say that getting to the root cause of your concern and releasing/healing are probable. Your contenance and engagement are critical so you must be open and teachable.

I am able to connect and communicate with my client's innate body intelligence and subconscious to help heal and restore the body's own balance and quest for harmony. I AM here to be the facilitator ... to help YOU be the best that you can be. As I ask for people whom I can help, they arrive here. I hope that you will select me as your partner on that journey back to wholeness.

You can schedule your session with the links below. If your body has been out of balance for some time ... filled with fear, self-loathing, pain you should commit (at least within yourself) to multiple sessions. I offer a discounted 3-session/4 month JUMP START package. In-person Jump Start Packages should be purchased when we meet. Purchase your DISTANCE Jump Start Distance Healing Package here. This will allow you to schedule up to 3 sessions within a 3 month period*. I also offer a 3-month Healing Intensive with 8 sessions and some weekly text/email support*.


If you would like additional information before making an appointment, please visit the FAQs page. You may CLICK HERE (mouse over link to see address if you use browser-based email) or use my CONTACT FORM to send me an email question.

If you want to speak with me briefly before scheduling your appointment, I invite you to do so using the number above. I want you to know you feel comfortable with me. This is not a time to discuss your situation at length and to try to do some of the work. Do not call to ask me if I can help you; I believe if you select and trust me, you will get something that you dearly need. If you cannot yet believe in yourself, believe in the power of healing from Source / God / Spirt / The Universe flowing through me as me. Let's reconnect you to your Highest potential!

Please note that regardless of whether you want to have your healing session in person or remotely, the one-hour session will include time for us to talk and review your Intake Form as well as session closing discussion. We are each unique soul sparks, and each and every session is unique to that client in terms of messages from Spirit, energy shifts, clearings, activations, etc.

Private Sessions

"I came to Kristi for an energy healing session because I’d thrown out my back just before a major family vacation. We'd been planning this trip for months, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to go, no less do all of the activities I'd been looking forward to. Kristi was able to not only address the back pain I was experiencing, but to clear the root cause of it: long-held emotional issues that were manifesting in my body.

"After the [long-distance] healing, I actually felt the sensation of stress leaving my body like vapors disappearing into the air. Not only was I able to go on my trip, but five days later I was biking through the Versailles countryside with my family, completely pain-free.” Beth Frede, life coach and intuitive artist

Want to read more testimonials? Click here!

Private, In-Person 1 hour Intuitive Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing, Expansion, Perspective Reboot® Session @ $135

Book Your IN-PERSON Private Session Now ...

All sessions feature a portion of dialog to understand the history of your concern, the energy segment of the session (which will include our verbal communication, guided visioning, hands-on and auric field work, and intention statements I may ask you to repeat outloud) and closing segment.

Please be open and receptive to healing and prepared to tell yourself that you are ready to heal or to work toward that outcome. If you'd like to make arrangements for me to travel to your location, please call to discuss this with me as my travel time and expenses will be added to session fees. Preferred payment methods for in-person sessions are cash or check to avoid deduction of credit card processing fees.

CLICK HERE to Schedule Your In-Person Session. Please select "PAY LATER" during booking, as I prefer your cash or check payment. 3-Session Jump Start (save $40) and 3-Month Perspective Reboot® Healing Intensive Care packages may be purchased in-person at your first session.

Private, Long-Distance (via telephone or skype voice and energy connection) 1 hour Intuitive Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing, Expansion, Perspective Reboot® Session @ $135

Book Your Private DISTANCE Session Now ...

Click here to purchase your Jump Start Distance Healing or 3-Month Perspective Reboot® DISTANCE Healing Intensive Care Package

My private distance healing sessions are equally, if not more, effective as in-person sessions as long as you can be in a comfortable space and to focus on our work.

Voice connection can be accomplished via telephone or Skype for international clients. Although the energy always goes where it is most-needed, there is a verbal, bio-feedback component my process which produces deep, long-lasting results. Therefore, having privacy to communicate freely with me during our call is also imperative.

What is most important is that you are relaxed, open to receive loving energy in a focused manner, with minimal distractions (e.g., pets secured where they will not disturb you).

Do not under ANY circumstances schedule a remote session for a time you know you will be driving an automobile or doing something else mechanical.

There is an option with the long-distance remote sessions to add an mp3 recording of the session for $27 at the time of booking. This will enable you to listen to the session and experience the energy work multiple times, should you desire.

CLICK HERE to Book Your Long-Distance Single Session or First of a Three-Session Package. I also offer a 8-session Healing Intensive Package including a series of weekly, bi-weekly, then one-month distance sessions, plus text and/or email support.

Information about my Couple's Relationship with Self and One Another Sessions ...

When you and your partner are committed to your relationship, to one another's happiness, and to your own happiness, I am open to working with you. We will utilize a series of sessions (purchase the 3-session package for lowest single-session rate) for your individual sessions and at least one group session.

Should we find that one partner has deeper work, the package pricing will be extended to facilitate mutual and individual balance, wellness & joy.

Other Details

IMPORTANT ~ Individuals with long-held trauma, long-term physical conditions and/or deep depression/anger/anxiety should select the 8-session Perspective Reboot® Healing Intensive Care 3-month package which also includes weekly text and email support ($999 distance~$1080 in-person cash/check/Wallet ~ $1125 in-person credit). Session frequency graduates from weekly, to bi-weekly to end of month 3.

My three-sessions Jump Start Package offers empowering and cumulative session work ($360 distance ~ $360 in-person cash/check/Wallet ~ $375 in-person credit). Picture a rose bud. The first session will open the casing on the bud. Each subsequent session allows the petals to expand, bringing out that inner beauty which was there all along. Even better ...

For your lowest pricing, all packages for in-person work should be purchased face-to-face with cash, check or Google Wallet. *Please review the Healing Resonance llc unbooked session refund policy*

You may also book and pay for sessions singly, if that works better for you.

Reading my blogs in advance of your appointment is extremely helpful. They contain healing codes and ways to see above the story of pain. I have lovingly provided a lot of free help on this site... my radio show MP3s with recorded healing sessions, healing videos I paid to produce, as well as my BLOG. All of these are accessible to you 24/7 and will offer positive shifts for you. There is also the option to purchase a pre-recorded healing (click here) or to schedule a group healing with your friends (click here) should the one-to-one work be beyond your budget at this time.

Long-distance sessions must be prepaid when booked. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all sessions, due to the advanced work/support I offer and the fact that the slot was held for you. If you do not reschedule/cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you will still be responsible for the appointment fee.

If you would like to do a budget plan, you may send partial payment to Healing Resonance @ 190 Glenwood Road, Wells, ME 04090. Once your session fee has been received in full, we can manually schedule your session. I can also manually run credit cards at the start of a session, but there is credit session rates will apply.

"I look forward to meeting you and working toward your better health and rejuvenation! I understand the confidentially of your health concerns and promise to treat you with love and respect. Let me support your healing. Schedule your appointment today." Kristi

Emotional release, energy balancing and spiritual healing of chronic physical and/or emotional pain. Private sessions are by advanced appointment only. Book your session easily using my online calendar or using links above.

*Perspective Reboot® Healing Intensive Care 3-month package includes up to 8 sessions plus one or two texts and emails weekly as support between sessions. Package may be extended or sessions can be added for $120 each, at my discretion. The 3-session Jump Start package includes up to 3 sessions or energetic support for 3 months ... whichever comes first. It is your responsibility to schedule your sessions within the time-frame of your package. I am supporting you energetically, even if a session is not imminent. You may elect to terminate any package after the first session. Session fee of $135 plus a $20 admin fee will be deducted from your package payment, then I will refund the balance. All pricing is in US$. There is a $35 fee for checks drawn on insufficient funds.

**Please only purchase a gift certificate for someone who has asked for one. This is a team process, so the recipient must be on board with receiving my assistance and support.

Disclaimer: Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst should never be used to solely diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or psychological disorder and is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment. Kristi is not a doctor, therapist, or chiropractor. Kristi is a legally ordained Minister & Reiki Master, certified in physio/spiritual massage and with the ability to metaphysically help mind/body/spirit regain center and balance. The "healing resonance" and "energy work" she offers assists your body's Divine Healing Intelligence. Client testimonials conveyed verbally or on the web site do not constitute a warranty, guarantee or prediction of the outcome of an individual using Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst. "It is likely that in your session, things blocking natural healing and/or well being will rise to the surface for us to address together. This is a team effort and YOU are a key player!" Love, Rev Kristi Borst, RM

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